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The Message of The Cross
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Memory Verses:
     John 14:6 
     Romans 6:23 
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Now that You Said YES,
let’s go before God’s throne and pray together:

(Repeat this prayer along with me.)

Dear God,

I stand before your throne, with an open heart, knowing that you created me with a purpose in mind--that I might know you and understand your ways, glorifying your name by showing the world that you live within my heart. I realize that it is you who is at work within me, cutting away those evil desires that are only separating and keeping me from walking with you, and removing those things that are only hurting and destroying the lives of those who are around me.

Jesus, you are the Lord of my life. My heart is open to you. Fill me with your love; Fill me with your Spirit; Fill me with your power; Fill me with your ways, so that the world may know that my life is under construction and it is you who is at work within me, changing my desires, changing my ways, molding and transforming me into the image and likeness of your Son, Jesus.

Satan, you do not own me. I will not serve you, for my life was bought with a price, and that price was the blood of Christ. For the price that He paid to redeem my life and to set me free from sin, indicates how valuable I am to Him. My life was not purchased with the price of silver or gold, but with the blood of His Only Son, Jesus.

My sins have been washed away. I am free from the power of Satan. I am free to serve my God.

God, my Creator, owns me, and I will serve and glorify Him all the days of my life. Little by little, He will change me, until I grow into maturity, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.

Amen (So be it!)

If you said this prayer, and you meant it with all your heart, you’re saved, you’ve been born into the family and kingdom of God, your life is hidden in Christ, you are now a child of God, and you need to learn how to walk in the promises that God has made to you.


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