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The Son of God
The Sacrifice for Sins
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The Message of The Cross
God's Wonderful Salvation
Evangelistic Tools:
      Salvation Plan Outline 
     I. Man's Need 
     II. God's Provision 
     III. Man's Response 
     IV. New Birth 
Memory Verses:
     John 14:6 
     Romans 6:23 
Printable Evangelistic Tools

Teddy Bear  Bible Study  Cat with Cap 

We believe the following resources will be helpful in your studies and getting a better understanding of God's Word.

The following items are some of what we at 7777777.COM have in our library:

Title: Talk Thru The Bible
By: Bruce Wilkerson
Vendor: Thomas Nelson
Format: Hardcover Book

Title: The 7 Laws of The Learner
By: Bruce Wilkerson
Format: Book, Audio, or Video
Description: For Teachers
Book can be purchased from
Audio CD's or DVD's can be purchased from

Title: The Picture Bible
By: Iva Hoth
Vendor: David C. Cook
Format: Hardcover Book
Description: For Children

The following modern translated bible versions are recommended because they are easy to read and understand:

The New International Version (NIV)- Over 100 translators completed this work in 1978.  It's a good, easy to read version.

The New American Standard Bible (NASB)- Translated in 1971 by 58 scholars.  A very good version.

The New King James Version (NKJV)- 130 translators.  This is a good revision of the King James version for those individuals who want an updated bible version of the original King James version Bible, which was originally published in 1611.  The King James version is a little difficult for most people to understand because it was written in the Old English vernacular.

The following online Christian bookstore is where we purchase much of our study tools:

Low-Cost Outreach Bibles:

Be prudent, Be precautious in your purchasing

There are many books/audio teachings that may have some good teaching/content, but always be prudent and make sure that what is being presented is in accordance with sound biblical teaching. In other words,  some books you may have to eat the meat and spit out the bones if you know what I mean.