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The Message of The Cross
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Evangelistic Tools:
      Salvation Plan Outline 
     I. Man's Need 
     II. God's Provision 
     III. Man's Response 
     IV. New Birth 
Memory Verses:
     John 14:6 
     Romans 6:23 
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Is A Biblically Based/ Christ-Centered
Multi-language World Outreach

7777777.COM Purpose: A multi-language world outreach website in which any person in almost any language can easily remember the website name and log unto the World Wide Web and be presented with the Message Of The Cross in their own native language. The logged-in computer user will be presented with the Salvation Plan, in their own native language, and can choose to make a decision to either accept or reject what has been presented to him or her. Once that person makes a decision to accept God’s plan for their life, if more guidance is desired, we have provided additional content on other pages within this website for further study in their new found walk with Christ.

Another goal that we have is to provide the believer with plain & simple tools on how to reach out to others with the Good News of this Great Salvation that has been made available to all.

Our purpose is to proclaim the Good News; to encourage the newborn in Christ to have a daily walk with God; to get them to see the value of searching the scriptures daily; and to get the newborn believer to see the importance of attending a good local bible teaching church, in which they can continue to grow.

And don’t forget to pray for us - that God continues to guide us, in building these websites in the way that will glorify Him.

Thank You,

                        7777777.COM World Outreach


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