Bible Cross Light 35


The Word of God
The Word of Life
The Word of Truth

Reaching the World
Changing Lives


The Son of God
The Sacrifice for Sins
The Giver of Life

The Message of The Cross Presented in Different Languages
Kids & Youth Websites
The Message of The Cross
God's Wonderful Salvation
Evangelistic Tools:
      Salvation Plan Outline 
     I. Man's Need 
     II. God's Provision 
     III. Man's Response 
     IV. New Birth 
Memory Verses:
     John 14:6 
     Romans 6:23 
Printable Evangelistic Tools

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Printable Business Size Cards to pass out and leave next to computers and other public places.
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7777777 business card
Printable Outline Of: How To Present The Salvation Plan-
Plain & Simple
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Salvation Plan Outline 1 Salvation Plan Outline 2
Salvation Plan Outline 3 Salvation Plan Outline 4